His mountaine is actually regarding an excellent wonderfull top, and you can verie tough to go up

His mountaine is actually regarding an excellent wonderfull top, and you can verie tough to go up

Vpon the top this mountaine there is certainly an excellent certaine caue otherwise hole that constantly An excellent caue or opening

‘His is a superb and really peopled mountaine, however it 1 yeeldeth nought but grapes, whereof it vse to really make the foresaid Zibibbo and wines. The latest society was in fact previously free of the tribute ; howbeit when it comes of their every day robberies and you may outrages the time up against other people, the gouernour regarding Bedis getting assisted with souldiers out-of Fez, delicate them all, and depriued them of the libertie : in this mountaine there are on the fiftie farmes or granges, and this rarely shell out fower hundred or so ducates to have tribute.173 Away from Attach Lucai. The fresh new inhabitants are surpassing rich, hauing great abundance off raisins, figs, almonds, oyle, quinces, and you may pome-citrons: and you may hold but flue and thirtie miles faraway regarding Fez, it carrie all their fresh fruit and you can merchandise thither. He is nearly all men, and you will verie pleased and you can high-minded, so they manage neuer spend people tribute at all : to possess they know that the mountaine is really so fortified of course, so it don’t easily be subtle : here simultaneously all the such is actually banished out-of Fez, except onely adulterers, are amicable amused : on the populace are incredibly iealous, that they can acknowledge no adulterers to their societie. This new king of Fez granteth him or her of many priuileges and fauours, when it comes of the great merchandise which he reapeth out-of its mountaine.174

His mountaine is close to thirtie kilometers much time, and from the ten miles greater : it is diuided for the three bits, and you will betweene which in addition to mountaines aforementioned work on certaine little riuers. The populace are really valiant &

warlike some one, but very oppressed and you can burthened that have exactions by gouernor of Fez, who euery yeere demaundeth of this mountaine having tribute to try to get thousand ducates: this new mountaine actually aboundeth having grapes, oliues, figs, and you may flaxe, for which high summes out-of mony was elevated ; howbeit whatsoeuer they are able to gather goeth at this time into gouernour from Fez, which hath their officials and you can receiuers in the mountaine, and therefore doe miserably oppresse and you can bribe the fresh inhabitants : within this mountaine are what hookup app black girls use in atlanta ga a great amount of communities and hamlets, you to definitely containe particular an hundred, and some 200 household and aboue: of most pro & coached troops they haue aboue fiue & twentie thousand, & is located at continuall war which have individuals who edging vpon her or him. But the king of Fez for those that is slaine with the one another pieces requireth high amounts out of mony, in order for the guy gaineth far by the their dissensions. Contained in this mountaine you will find a great certaine towne indifferently really peopled, and you can given most of the kinde from artificers ; whereunto the fresh new fields that belong maruellously abounde that have grapes, quinces, and you can pome-citrons, which can be bought at Fez: listed below are at exactly the same time great shop out-of linnen weauers, and some iudges and you will attorneys. It haue along with good field, whereunto the fresh new people of the neighbour mountaines resort.

casteth vice president flames. Specific woondenng significantly from the count, ally casteth haue shed when you look at the timber, which was abruptly ate so you’re able to ashes : We my personal selfe neuer noticed such-like magic in any almost every other set, with the intention that an effective manie thinke it to be hell-mouth area.175 Out of attach Benigueriaghell. T standeth neer vnto the new mountaine last-mentioned, however new population of those mountaines reaches continuall warre and you can discord.

From the foot on the mountaine you will find a giant plaine and therefore extendeth to your territorie out of Fez, and you can through the exact same runneth you to riuer which the

populace phone call Guarga. It mountaine significantly aboundeth which have oyle, corne, and you will flaxe, for which end up in listed here are higher store regarding linnen-weauers. Best element of al its products was achieved into kings vse, so they and therefore or even create prooue exceeding rich, becom through this meanes starke beggers, and this specifically by reason of one’s courtiers continuall extortions. He’s individuals of a keen ingenuous and you may valiant disposition. Sculdiers they haue almost twelue thousand, and to the number of threescore towns.176

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